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or mainstream reporters. >> mainstream reporters to opinion columnists. there's a famous scene in bob woodward's, his last book about the iraq war where paul wolfowitz brings in columnists from "the atlantic," one from what was formally "newsweek" and basically says to them, look, i'm bringing you guys in as advisers. help us figure out a way to pitch this war to the american people. none of those journalists disclosed that in their future columns to promote the war. >> i'm with you. you're dead right. if anybody was there, they have to answer for it. lawrence lindsay, white house economic adviser at the time, made war with iraq make it sound like it wouldn't cause a dent in the u.s. economy. a washington times interview quotes him saying, "the likely economic effects would be relatively small. if the united states goes to war in iraq to depose saddam hussein." he went on to praise the war's upside. "the key issue is oil and a regime change in iraq would facilitate an increase in world oil which would tend to lower oil prices here." in 2002 -- there's more of this. >> oil prices went up. the n
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's talk about something -- i really respect bob casey, the senator from pennsylvania. he's going through it -- i met his wife the other night at the st. patrick's day party. here's a guy who's really going through a serious development here. bob casey, who had been an "a" to "b" plus member of the nra. support he's gotten at home after the newtown shootings. here he is on "morning show." let's watch. >> a lot of criticism, but that's -- but also support. that's the way it is in our state. it's a pretty -- it's a tough issue for people in our state. but i think for me the criticism or the impact of that criticism will come over time. this isn't a question of taking guns away or confiscation. none of these measures would have the impact of in any way taking away someone's right to bear arms, to protect themselves, to hunt, or to do anything really. if you take a step now that could prevent one more newtown ten years from now, 350 years from now, i want to be able to say when i had that vote, i moved in that direction as opposed to staying in the lane i was in. >> chief johnson, how importa
govern, when they really had a -- bob strauss came along. you know, like you, as a party chair and tried to rebuild out of what goodwill and a little bit of b.s., i guess, from bob. the idea was to rebuild. sometimes you just have to say, we have to hunker down, admit we're not too popular, and just hope time's going to change? what can you change with a political party? does any party ever say, let's do it different? and get away with it? clinton? >> well, yeah, i think bill clinton did that with the d.o.c. and sort of changed the direction of the party on policy. they've got to do that. the first thing i would do, were i a republican chair, is i would promote republicans. i'd give exposure to republicans who were pro-choice, who believe that a woman has a right to choose. i would try to show we are truly a big tent. i would try to put someone up who like marco rubio on immigration and say, look, this is the republican party position on immigration. if you house members don't want to follow it, that's on you, but this is where we are. we are -- our policies are going to reject -- oflect
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)